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Mindread is a third-party API that helps you generate recommendations in your online platforms. Sign up now and build better platforms with recommendation!

It is cheap, more secure, and fast than any other alternative.

Rethinking Recommendation

Mindread brings an API that helps millions of people to find the right things while browsing.

We believe the recommendation is a fundamental thing for any platform! So we rethought it, deliver you the ultimate product.

Show relevant content

You have to show relevant content when a user visits your site.

If the visitor is looking at pens, show him papers, not guns!

Without recommender systems, your site is just a 1990 HTML page.

Implement it and give your users a reason to scroll more.

Users spend more time on your platform

If you show relevant content, users will scroll & click more on your platform. That’s not rocket science.

We all know how we watched one more video at midnight because YouTube recommended it to us.

Recommendation hooks your users.

Drives traffic to your website

If users spend more time on your platform, the search engines will rank you higher. Users will share more.

It will increase your traffic slowly and organically. But surely and sustainably.

Without organic traffic, no platform succeeds. Period.

Conversions Increased

As users spend more time on your platform, you have higher traffic, which means your conversions must increase.

Visitors turn into users. Users turn into customers. Customers turn into super customers who buy one more item!

Customer satisfaction & loyalty increases

Personalized recommendations value visitors as individuals.

People will feel more attached to your platform if you understand them better. Give them personalized recommendations. They will be satisfied and loyal to your platform!

Stand out from the competitors

52% of retailers use some kind of recommendation system. If you have no system right now, you are playing wrong!

No matter whether you run a blog, video, real estate, or e-commerce, you can use it everywhere.

Stand out and win more customers.

Higher profits

Random visitors while spending more time becoming users. The users will be customers. Then they will become repeat customers as your offers are personalized. Voila, more profit. That’s a chain reaction.

Spend a dime on recommender systems. Get a dollar back! 🙌

Final notes

Stand out from others with better recommendations. @Mindread_io can help you with this as we solve problems like:

  1. 10x cheaper💸
  2. Data safety
  3. No experience is required and any indie developer can implement it!
  4. Scalable
  5. Fast✈️
  6. Low latency
  7. AI-driven superior algorithm

Our content will help you grow your business more with better recommendations.


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